Pakistan Monument Museum, Shaker Paryan - Islamabad

Islamabad most famous place , To promote Pakistani Culture specially in young generation. Pakistan Monument Museum is dedicated to the people of Pakistan who sacrificed their today for a better tomorrow.

Pakistan Monument Museum in Islamabad is a must visit place, that is situated in front of Pakistan Monument. Here one can get the whole info. related to Pakistan since the independence. Though Photography is forbidden inside the museum thats why i cant display more pictures except the following one.
Its a beautiful museum and i really liked its theme that revolving mainly around the historical struggle for freedom, the inspiring leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and the Vision of national poet Illama Iqbal.

It is based on a very patriotic theme that have inspired me very much. Every feature of the museum here looks perfect. Its such a moving site where you can see and get every thing related just to Pakistan.

The museum is composed of various sections including the picture gallery, the historical struggling era in the Indo-Pak Sub continent, a theater room, the statues of Quaid-e- Azam and Fatima Ali Jinnah, their office and sitting areas, about the culture, tradition, tourism, national games, etc

The theater room inside the museum shows the movies related to all those struggle era, the sacrifices, the cries, the pain, the loss, the victories in the movie about freedom during 1947. For a while you may lost some where in the past, where it shows how we get Pakistan, the home of ours once we used to be proud to have it in this beautiful world .But suddenly when you back to reality and found yourself sitting in the theater hall, then you may realize ohhh i was just watching a movie.
The only message for every Pakistani is " UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL".
The biggest key of success for your enemy is "FIRST DIVIDE THEN RULE".


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