Safari Club Restaurant - Bahria Town - Rawalpindi

Safari Club has the best food in Rawalpindi with more than 4,000 guests consistently. Safari Club helps a great many its clients – devoted coffee shops and food buffs – discover eateries, become familiar with hot diners.

The Safari Club is an exclusive club situated at the heart of one of Bahria Town’s most exciting and enchanting neighborhoods. The Safari Club connects the energetic spirits and cultures of Pakistan to the elegant traditions of one of the finest private clubs in the country. Whether it's for casual drinks or a more formal dining experience in the club’s restaurant, the club provides an impeccable setting for entertaining old friends and business associates. Become a member of the Safari Club and experience something very special.

Safari B.B.Q

  • The BBQ at the Safari Club serves well known top picks for lunch, supper and late night dinners. Treat yourself at the Safari B.B.Q, where you can appreciate a rooftop best BBQ on Saturday evenings, Sunday informal breakfasts, Continental and Chinese nourishment consistently and a serving of mixed greens bar to check or surge your craving. Safari Club, Rawalpindi. Food type / Cuisine: Asian BBQ, Pakistani (traditional), Desserts (Traditional and modern).

Safari Swimming Pool

  • Daily Rs. 500/-, Rs. 5000/- month. Enjoy the adventure of Zorbian Ball every Monday from 12 Noon to 9pm.


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