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How To Get BARBIE Look with Makeup | Barbie Doll MakeUp Transformation

Here is a sample of a Barbie girl. We are going to do some miracle like this by applying correct techniques and make up skills.

How To Get BARBIE LOOK with Make Up

  • Apply a good base which seems smooth on your skin and doesn’t look artificial.
  • Your eyebrows should be made thin. Then all you will have to do is line them up like above with a brown pencil neatly.
  • Do a bit of contouring of nose so that it appears thin and long.
  • If your lips are in good Barbie shape then you is in luck otherwise you will have to shape them with lip liner leaving your original outline.
  • Remember that apply same base on the lips as the rest of the face so that they even out and when you make new required Barbie lip outline it appears original.
  • Apply light lipstick.
  • Now the main thing is eyes. Apply concealer thoroughly on the eyes. Skin silver eye shadow would also do.
  • Apply eye lashes and line your eye lashes bas and inside corner of the eye.
  • Now get white eyeliner and apply it on your water line.
  • Apply it a bit more outside your eye on the outer corner as shown. So that your eyes appear bigger and apply lashes at the false water line you just made with white eye liner and apply mascara.
  • Apply a little blush on that looks natural on your cheeks and there you are ready Barbie girl.


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