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Side Effects: What are the health risks associated with Mobile Phones

We should use things for our facilitation and ease. Overuse of anything is harmful. So is the case with your cell phone.  As it has been a frequent discussion that cell phone emits and receives electromagnetic radiations, it is also said that we should take care about how to use it. Cell phones emit certain radiations which on prolonged use can affect central nervous system, endocrine system i.e. hormones and also the reproductive system.


Use of cell phone has increased a lot and it is still increasing because mobile phone companies have made them so irresistible by adding various functionalities to it. Now a mobile phone has replaced the need of television, calculator, music players, video games and computers even. So most of the time which was spent with these other gadgets is now being spent with cell phones.


No doubt it is an important part of our lives and its use is inevitable, but there would be no harm to use it cautiously. When you have used mobile phone keep it away from your body as much as possible. Place it somewhere in the bag or on the nearby table. Do not keep cell phones in your pockets or in close contact with your body unnecessarily.


Those who are pregnant or mothers of small babies who are always closer to their mother most of the times, should take care especially as they are not only putting their own health on risk but also the health of their fetus/babies as cell phone emits radiations which are injurious to the central nervous system, endocrine system (hormonal system) and reproductive system. It can cause abnormalities in fetus and can also damage central nervous system which is responsible for running almost all the systems of a human body.

It is just a little tiny precaution which can save your life from potential hazards. So you should not only follow these precautions but also let your loved ones know about it.

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