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Whats your fingers says about your personality | The Length Of Your Fingers

WHAT YOUR FINGERS SAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY. So many researches and studies have revealed so many mysterious and wonderful realities about human nature and personality which are 99% accurate. One of these studies is about your ring finger.  The length of your ring finger says a lot about your personality and your thinking process. The conclusions of this study are given here for your acknowledgement. Enlighten yourself with some of the points:


If your ring finger is smaller than index finger

People having such fingers are usually very confident and self-sufficient. They love to stay alone and are usually anti-social. They love to do things alone. This category of people are said to have a contented nature. They also spend money according to their pocket. They are not among those who have no aim in their life. They set firm goals in their life and spend rest of their life struggling hard to get there.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger

This depicts that you have a beautiful charming personality. It shows that you can adjust to ever changing environment easily. You can mould yourself according to the situation efficiently giving way to new opportunities and greater success ratio. It also depicts that even if you are aggressive generally but you take challenges as fun and love to solve them while staying composed.

If your ring finger and index finger are of same size

Such people are very organized and spick and span. They spend their life very cautiously, in a carefully planned manner. In every situation all their steps are measured and calculated. One thing that is very distinctive about these people is that they are very loyal, sincere and devoted to the relationships they build in life. Once they commit they stick with it. Only a single bad aspect about these people is that they possess a relatively negative thinking pattern. They are pessimist in their attitude towards life.

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